Monday, September 26, 2011


I probably should update since my last rant over twelve months ago. We eventually found a gorgeous, wonderful, amazing 'haus meri' called Besta. And she is the best-a! She is a wonderful lady, very giving, generous and a kind and gentle soul. Her only downfall is that she works too hard. I am forever telling her it's time to stop and have lunch, or go home. She had today off. She was telling me last week that her son, Chris who is 12 (i think) had two growths on his eye and was having problems seeing. He saw a nurse here and was fobbed off, told it was 'sugar dust' and sent home. So i took him down to see the Dr, the doc checked him out, he has two opaque spots on his cornea and Doc recommended he go to Madang ASAP. So Besta took a PMV (mini bus, takes 3 hours and costs $20kina each, Besta gets paid about $160 Kina a fortnight to put it into perspective) down last night and they sat for 8 hours at the hospital waiting their turn. The Fred Hollows foundation has a lot to do with an eye clinic in Madang, i presume that's where they went. Thank goodness for the works of people like him. They finally saw a Doctor this afternoon and he has given Chris some 'strongpela' (strong) eyedrops and eye cream and told him to come back next monday. Besta concern was obvious on the phone, from ehat i can gather, they have told her if the cream doesn't work it is pretty serious. I have no idea what the diagnosis is, but i shall find out in the morning, if they know...... I haven't heard back from Ausaid as yet re: my last blog post, but will keep you posted.By 'you' i mean anyone who might have nothing better to do than read my ramblings. I have a 'contact' who is going to see if they can get some old sheets from the linen service company who supply linen to the hospitals in Melbourne. Otherwise, i might just sew some up. My sewing ability is limited to straight lines, so sheets i can do! The lovely Besta.....

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  1. First of I the only crazy blog lady reading this, is that what you're inferring?! lol Secondly, Besta does sound ace! I want to come and meet her, so happy you have someone as ace as what Obet is :) Love her. Thirdly, is that through Warragul Linen Service? Coz I have contacts too you know! ;)