Friday, March 26, 2010

Local tucker

Well today i cooked some local tucker. I asked Janet what she would like for lunch and this was her choice! She gave me a cooking lesson. I know it may seem unthinkable, but as it is a staple around here i thought i should give it ago......... Yup, i ate meat in a can, corned beef to be exact. After my year ten experience with SPAM on a hiking camp, i vowed never to eat meat in a can again. But yanno, it wasn't too bad. It did feel a little like i was eating cat food, but other than that the taste wasn't too bad. I fried it up with some choko leaves, garlic, onion a few tomatoes and served it on rice.
The choko leaves look like vine leaves, and are a similar texture, although they cook quite well and are not too tough. It is used in the same way as spinach is. For a bunch similar size to the one on the left i pay 20 toea, about 8c. The corned beef was $8 kina, $au 3.20.

And what did the kids think?

Pretty happy i'd say!

Although a little tired........

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  1. When's Tarzan getting a steer on the go?!! I'm eyeing off some of our 'Pippa lambs' at the moment...