Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ok, all you stalkers.
You can't just go living off my crappy story telling without giving anything back. 1 comment per post is hardly good stats. Emma you are streaks ahead of the field leaving 2 comments. (Thanks for pics btw, love em.) Come on people! Start putting in or you wont be invited to the tea party....

Also if you do decide you can manage a comment please don't use our names. It is a public page and although there are lots of pics, i'd prefer to keep our names off the page. :p


  1. Jane i'm loving the blog, Looks like LMS had a great B'day.
    My monkey keeps asking for a play date so i'll guess i have to start saving :)

  2. LL looks different I reckon! Growing up :(
    I love her Humpty. I want one.

  3. Oh love the Humpty Dumpty!! Reckon that PNG soil must be making those girls grow lots too!
    Great photo of LMS!