Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers day

Mothers day in PNG involved a dinner dance for Pacific Mummas. The dress was 'Toana" which is pacific wear. So every one spent the days before whipping up lap-laps (sarongs) threading frangipanis and helping decorate the hall. I kindly made Tarzan's outfit, a grass skirt. Much to his disgust! I sewed two kids skirts together to fit it around his waist. My dress was 3m of material wraped and secured with 2 pins.

LMS had a mini sarong and the whirlwind had her grass skirt from Fiji.
Shortly after getting dressed, Lucylu proudly exclaimed that now she had boobs too so she could feed LMS!

The feast was fantastic, lots of traditional dishes from the pacific. Kokonda (fish marinated in lime juice with coconut milk), sweet potato and (something else) in coconut cream, chicken curry, sago, stir fried local greens with chilli, coconut rice cooked in coconut leaves, taro ( not my fave, kind of like sucking on chalk) followed my a mothers day chocolate cake.

We had 'live' entertainment. A dodgy Aussie from Lae with his guitar who wouldn't get a gig at the local RSL in Aus, but is some kind of small star here. But after a few drink i couldn't care less who was singing, as long as there was music! We danced up a storm. Lucylu danced from about 7pm till 11am with anyone who was interested, she had a ball. And LMS did her fair share of boogying too.

This is the lady who organised it all, she is the hear of HR. She is from a part of PNG where people generally have really dark skin. She is always joking she's going to take LMS back to her hometown and pretend she is hers. Talk about ebony and ivory! She is a lovely lady, used to be a TV presenter here and won miss PNG a few years back!!

This little guy had the coolest head dress on. It was made of feathers. He is 4 and our cheeky little neighbor across the road.

This is Suniam, the oldest mum's in attendance so she got to cut the cake. She gave a bit of a speech (lecture)and was telling all the men that they better make this a good mothers day because fathers day is coming up. Quite amusing really. One of those 'you-had-to-be-there' moments i am guessing.

It was a great evening and a nice way to start mothers day. Tarzan did very well following up with a card made by the girls, flowers, pancakes with sauteed pineapple, banana and passionfruit, and a steaming hot latte.

Hope you spoilt all your mothers out there, as for my mum i hope she'll take an IOU. ;) xxxx


  1. Sounds great! Glad you had a good day, all that food sounds amazing. xo

  2. The kids look like they're having a ball!! Love reading about life in the jungle :) x

  3. What a great mothers day! The girls look gorgous, thanks for sharing, so different to our mothersday day here! Xx

  4. What are you feeding those girls?! They are growing like mushrooms! LL looks like a big kid not a toddler and LMS is no more baby! :( Matt and I think you totally look like Betty Rubble from Flintstones bahahahaha (I always thought Betty was the hot one) Food sounds delish too

  5. OMG LL is looking so grown up *sob. You DO look like Betty Rubble... xoxoxo

  6. Better than looking like Barney i guess!!!