Monday, May 17, 2010


So the board of directors flew in for a few hours yesterday, it was a bit of a big deal apparently and everyone was running around cleaning sorting and organising. Except me that i is, i remained blissfully unaware and continued my own running around after my nude children. Yes plenty of comments on the lack of clothing there, but i know you are all just jealous, who doesn't want to run nude all day eh??? And you Melbournites are seriously jealous as you couldn't run around outside in the nude even if you wanted to.

Sorry, slightly sidetracked. So there was a big lunch yesterday, steak on the menu, so Tarzan sat very nervously as the directors cut into their steak. Turned out it was great so he was quite chuffed. I decided i should do the supportive thing and celebrate the lovely steak, so i got stuck into a couple of bottles of wine with another lady here and needless to say i am somewhat slow this morning and my head is pounding. Oh i know i wont get a lot of sympathy for any of you lot, but i am feeling better already just being able to whinge about. :p

It's a lovely day here today, about 28 i'd guess, a slight breeze, a few clouds around.

I'm looking forward to the next couple of months. We have lots of friends and family coming to visit. We're also heading to west New Britian via Port Moresby on wednesday. Tarzan has a few meetings, so we're going to support him and hang out in the resort!

For anyone who is not on facebook, here is a pic of us swimming. LL is loving the pool these days and insists on swimming by herself, and LMS seems to think she can swim by herself too. Not matter how many times she goes under and comes up spluttering, she is straight back down for some more?!
I was always unsure whether or not to use floaties on kids, but it has been the best. Lu has so much more water confidence now. I'm sure she will ditch the floaties when the time comes.

Lunch, nap. Yeah!


  1. Gosh Ange you look like you are having a marvellous time. I remember saying that I thought nude was good anyway. Who cares?? Steve and I are off to live in Japan as you will have seen on good old Fbook. I am really impressed with your latest posts. Have fun. Love Jen XXX

  2. When I was little my brother told me I was too fat for floaties and they wouldn't hold me up, so I was terrified of them. Go the floaties LL! Passports arrived today :) PNG here we come

  3. haha, you'd float with a hubba bubba bubble attached to your arms you light weight!

    Following your Blog too Jenny. :D