Saturday, April 24, 2010

Foxy Roxy has landed

After 6 months of dealing with a useless dog shipping company, Roxy finally landed in PNG yesterday. The kids were VERY excited to see her. Although i suspect the feelings weren't returned with as much enthusiasm. Roxy the super dog was burned in a bushfire last year, so now she wears her super coat everyday.

LMS hasn't spent too much time around dogs and was very excited by it all. First she thought a bit of paw holding was called for....

She couldn't get enough............
Although i suspect Roxy could........... this high pitched squeal sent her over the edge i think.

Tomorrow, being Anzac day, we are heading up the road, (as in 200m) for a dawn service at 5.30am, followed by a rum BBQ breaky and a cricket match. Aussies v's the rest of the world. I've never dragged my sorry arse out of bed for a dawn service before, claiming i had to look after the kids, wax my bikini line or perhaps SLEEP! Tarzan has been on his own a few times, so given it was in our backyard i thought we'd all go. So i'm off to bed.


  1. Oh lovely Jane! I thought Roxy hadn't made it through previously, so her supercoat must now be considered a miracle worker I think!
    The girls look very happy.
    We went and played two up (I have never done it before!) in between house renovation activities.


  2. Good to hear she arrived safe and sound, she seemed a bit mystified as to where she was going when she left us. So glad to see the girls happy to see her. When I lived in Melb I went to the dawn service at the shrine every year and loved it, such a great experience.

  3. Oh and new coat! Her red one was getting super manky lol

  4. great to see the family is now complete! how long did roxy have to be in quarantine for? will she be able to come back to oz?
    hope you guys are gonna do long doggie walks now...

  5. No quarantine on the way over Tan, but will have a month on the way home.
    She told me she is missing Tess Emma. ;)

  6. Pfffft well tell her Tess is not missing her! I think Pip is though, only three other dogs to torture now ;) Monty was pretty devastated as she left on a Monday, I didn't know until the Friday before and I have Mont on Tues-Thurs. He ran down to let her out and just stood there looking at the emptiness for ages :( I told him LL and LMS wanted her more bahaha He did call her 'Rocky' though...