Sunday, April 18, 2010

It nearly killed me.......... but i made it.

Second time lucky. Made it to the top of K1. Very challenging. Am absolutely shattered tonight. The last bit of the hike is so steep, you are almost rock climbing up. To get down, you ski on one foot under your bum, trying to control your speed by grabbing onto the grass.

The view from the top was amazing.

Just to prove i did it. :p

A few other random pics. It was hard to capture pictures of the ridge. It really is a ridge, and drops away very dramatically either side. Not a place to hike if you are afraid of heights that's for sure.

This is the tiny stream that turned into the raging torrent last week.

This is the flattened grass from the swollen river.

Body aching, mainly from running down as sunset was fast approaching.

Beer, bed.

Yes, nothing better than a cold beer after that achievement.



  1. Fantastic photos cant wait to see it for my self... where was the rope tied to each other across the streams? and where was the great white hunter?lol not working mmm or was it golf?

  2. Unbelievable. You are one crazy jungle mumma, so much more hard core than me ;) I would whinge and moan the whole way and possibly put others in danger haha. Must feel quite proud of yourself though, well done! Matt and I went for massive drive around Murrindindi bush yesterday, up the back of Balaclava, I climbed up a small slope to see the view, does that count for anything? lmao

  3. wonderful pictures Sponge!! you are amazing!!! looking fantastic and staying so healthy and active!! you go girl!!

  4. Great white hunter was 'parenting'. After all they are his kids too! :p

  5. Amazing countryside! Gutsy climbing! Good going, jungle mama!