Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's time to talk about the elephant in the room- PALM OIL

With easter about and the awareness of Palm Oil production issues being promoted on Aussie TV, it is time to talk about our employment. Although Tarzan is managing a cattle operation, his employer is New Britain Palm Oil.
Palm oil production in other parts of the world is having devastating effects on forest and Orangutang populations, more info here . It is disgraceful and should be stopped before the Orangutans are wiped out entirely.

When i first heard that the job was for a palm oil company i was a little concerned. Seeing the publicity and hearing about the Orangutans i was very hesitant to work for a Palm Oil company. I was pleasantly surprised that not all Palm Oil companies are managed in the same manner. NBPOL has been independently assessed and certified to be farming in a sustainable manner. The company has been certified by the ISO 4001, and the RSPO- Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil. The RSPO is supported by over 380 members including the WWF and Oxfam.

The RSPO define how palm oil should be grown and verified in a sustainable manner, as well as demanding traceability of the product throughout the entire supply chain. The RSPO criteria requires compliance with not only environmental factors, but strict social and economic criteria as well.

NBPOL and all its operations are the first Palm Oil producer to achieve the certifications. After discovering all these facts, i was much more comfortable working for NBPOL. There are many things about living and working in a developing nation that do bother me, but the companies production ethics are not amongst them.

So like all produce, i believe the origin of the product should clearly be displayed. So consumers are able to make informed choices. I also hope that more companies join the RSPO and put a stop to their devastating farming practices.

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  1. Great post Ange, glad to see you looked into it so thoroughly before you guys accepted the jobs. Hope you had a lovely Easter. I saw NG's wedding pics on Facebook - you both looked stunning. xx

  2. Thanks for posting that. It's great to know that there are companies out there doing it the right way - if only more of them would follow suit.

  3. Hey there - so glad you are doing this it's fabulous to follow your travels x