Monday, April 12, 2010

The postman wasn't lost after all, perhaps just resting under a tree.

I know, two posts in one day, my fingers may just fall off, but i was very excited to receive our first piece of mail today! Mail is not very reliable here. A friend received a parcel 9 months after it was posted and many go missing. So i was stoked to get this pressie from Em for little sassy.
It is an absolutely divine reversible skirt. Beautifully made and gorgeous colors, having to put up with me whining on many occasions, Emma is well tuned into the fact that i don't really like pink. Well, that's not exactly true, i like a little pink, i like vibrant pink, but i don't like my babies to look like someone vomited that sickly, pale, girly pink all over them. So thank you so much little miss emma! xxxxx Ya'll can checkout some other funky things she has made on her blog or website. Very cool minky blankets. ;)

LL wants a piece of the action, LMS not having a bar of it.......... Then she succumbs and finds plenty of joy in the wrapping paper.

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  1. Yay! So glad you (and LMS) like it! The wrapping was Matt's idea ;) I guess now you can read my blog safely.